“I don’t want to feel pain when I move!”

“I have been injured in the past and want to make sure it doesn’t happen again.”

“My surgeon says I need to be strong(er) going into my knee/shoulder/hip reconstruction…how do I do this on a budget?”

“I’m a middle/high school athlete who wants to prevent injury and get stronger/faster!”

Are you someone who wants to move without pain?  Do you want to learn how to prevent injury from occurring?  Are you facing surgery and need pre-habilitation to come out strong and ready to take on your post-operative care?  Have you had a joint reconstruction or injury which requires rehabilitation and have an active lifestyle you want back?  Are you a middle or high school athlete who is looking to move better, get stronger, prevent injury or recover from a chronic condition?  Then YOU need an athletic trainer!  Services provided by AIRE are varied and assist those with physically active lives RETURN to activities with less pain and dysfunction.  Healthy movement patterns are promoted as well as self-assisted programs to give you more consistent management strategies.

Often insurance payments will run out before you have returned to full function. This is precisely where a flat-fee provider can come into play. We will continue your rehabilitation in a safe, progressive manner which allows you to further your goals after injury, reconstruction or during your return to activity journey.


Athletic trainers are skilled in the evaluation process of musculoskeletal and basic general medical conditions.  We utilize a thorough process to identify areas of weakness, tension or pain and dysfunction with validated methods of assessment and special testing.  


Whether your injury just happened or has been there for years, we can work together through the assessment and evaluation process to determine the cause of the injury and pain.  Treating the signs and symptoms of injury can help you in the short-term, however finding and determining the cause of your pain and dysfunction is the key.  At times the cause is very obvious and at others it may take some work to determine what needs to be corrected.  The athlete is a part of this process and the at-home work needs to be done as well as the time spent during treatment to facilitate full recovery and progression to meet your goals.


Programs are designed for each client based on their goals, current condition and history of injury and pain.  Together, a plan is designed and explained so each step of the way the client understands why we are doing certain exercises and movement patterns.  Validated tests and assessments are used to determine where needs are in the body as well as using the client's own goals for activity and progression.  Whether needing acute rehabilitation for injury/surgery, chronic condition management or pre-surgical strengthening, AIRE can provide a wide range of plans including frequent one-on-one sessions, gym-facilitated programs at Valeo/Training or an extensive home program to meet your needs.

mobility and functional movement enhancement

Each client comes with their own set of movement restrictions due to postural and movement patterns based on activities.  Through our assessment process, we will work together to give you a reasonable home program as well as facilitated and corrective movement during our time together to make sure you can feel how the "new" and "better" movements help you.  These will enhance your daily activities as well as your activity goals.

therapeutic techniques

Each athlete will have needs for therapy and treatment specific to their pain and conditions.  Selections for these will be made with each client, during EACH session, and will be based on your GOALS for EACH session.  Manual techniques such as muscle energy, assisted soft tissue stretching/mobilization, Graston Technique, Sports Performance Dry Needling and Cupping are all potentially useful depending on the athlete's needs.  Graston is a specialized soft tissue mobilization technique, useful for a variety of conditions.  It is both diagnostic and therapeutic and we can often find areas where you didn't even know a restriction existed!  And then fix it!  Dry needling and cupping for orthopedic conditions can be helpful for managing pain, tightness, chronic and acute pain and swelling as well as myofascial restrictions and movement dysfunctions.  Conditions such as sciatica, plantar fasciitis and pain from acute/chronic musculotendinous injuries have responded positively to dry needling and cupping modalities.

custom orthotic fabrication

AIRE has partnered with Fastech Labs to provide athletes with access to one of the best custom foot orthotics on the market today.  You can walk out with custom orthotics within an hour, they are 100% guaranteed with each fitting and if your insurance covers the cost of orthotics either partial or in full, a receipt will be issued to you to submit for reimbursement.  Cost is based on the type of orthotic necessary for your activity needs and range between $125 - 295.  Appointments need to be made for these separately and both the appt time and orthotic are included in the price of the orthotic.  Visit Fastech Labs to see the various conditions and ways a custom orthotic might help you!



Occasionally AIRE will host workshops catered to a specific athlete's sport or the general population.  Each workshop will focus on mobility and functional movement as well as strength and maintenance to avoid physical burnout for an athlete who's sport demands repetitive motion, intensity and duration.  Tangible methods for recovery will be discussed as well as self-treatments for various musculoskeletal conditions and injuries.