Patient forms

Please see the forms attached below to help facilitate your referral and your initial visit.  In order to see Meg at AIRE, a referral from an MD/DO is required as athletic trainers in the State of Michigan require collaboration with one of the aforementioned health care providers per the State Practice Act.  This ensures quality care for the patient, ease of follow up with the physician most informed about your orthopedic pain and timely referral for additional imaging or prescription needs.  Please share the Physician Order with Cover page with your MD/DO familiar with your pain or ask for a referral to be sent from the physician's office for "Sports Medicine," "Rehabilitation Services" or "Athletic Training Services" to AIRE at the fax #:  888.608.4834.  

Our initial appointment will consist of an evaluation of your injury/pain, a movement analysis, a formulation of the cause of your pain, treatment and plan of care.  Please find the Patient Intake Package below, PRINT this out and BRING with you to our first meeting.  Read the guidelines for treatment and if you have remaining questions, when you arrive, don't hesitate to ask. 


Physician Order with Cover Page

Patient Intake Package